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Journal Updated on May 20th, 2012
By     |    May 20, 2012   
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Website Updated

Due to some reasons, the Journal had rarely been updated for some time. Recently, however, we thought that we might revitalize this site and re-engage in more active discussions on intercultural matters. For this purpose, we have updated the template so as to give it a fresh new look. We streamlined the content and simplified the navigation links so as to make the site more focused, and in the meantime, we [...]

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We condemn online vandalism

Although the Journal has not been updated for quite sometime due to some reasons, it recently became a victim of online vandalism. It was attacked by some hackers and the hacking was reported by a reader on the 16th of July. We believe that attacking website is not a proper way to express oneself, and we condemn online vandalism.

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