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Insightful Chinese Culture Lesson

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review published an article entitled U.S. Businessmen Get Chinese Culture Lesson (by A.J. Panian TRIBUNE REVIEW Monday, March 27, 2006), which tells about U.S. businessmen get Chinese culture lesson. It spells out some of the typical cultural phenomenon in modern Chinese culture, which could be some interesting references to get to know more about Chinese cultural patterns. Did you know 666 is a popular Chinese number? The Chinese love the number [...]

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Definition of Intercultural Communication

Cross-cultural communication (also frequently referred to as intercultural communication) is a field of study that looks at how people from differing cultural backgrounds endeavour to communicate. Cross-cultural communication tries to bring together such relatively unrelated areas as cultural anthropology and established areas of communication. Its core is to establish and understand how people from different cultures communicate with each other. Its charge is to [...]

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Martin Luther King
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People fail to get along with each other because…

People fail to get along with each other because they fear each other, they fear each other because they don’t know each other, they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other. – by Martin Luther King, Jr

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It is really about people, culture and relationships.

Global success is not just about money, profit and trade. It’s really about people, culture and relationships. Source:Centre for Intercultural Communication, the University of British Columbia.

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