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Chinese Culture Umbrellas
By     |    Sep 8, 2007   
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Dresden, Germany
By     |    Jul 7, 2007   
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Tips for business professionals visiting Germany

German culture is actually something new to me and it naturally becomes a focus these days since I am in the country. Besides fascinated by Dresden’s Baroque architecture, I started to search for references in respect to German business culture etiquettes. Here come the results: Business Etikette in Deutschland. Mind your Manners is a book that is written “to help the business professional or student prepare for an assignment in Germany”. [...]

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By     |    Jun 30, 2007   
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Where are Chinese students going for study abroad?

A recent survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that the United States is still at the top position when Chinese students choose their destinations for study abroad. France ranks the second in the report, overtaking the U.K. who has been in the second position for many years.

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By     |    Jan 30, 2007   
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NGO Development in China – Some Figures

According to statistics released in May 2006 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China (MCA), by the end of 2005 there are totally 320,000 social organizations in China, marks an increase of 10.7% when compared with the previous year. It is reported that the areas that the organizations cover include education and culture, science and technology, health and sports, environmental protection and agricultural development, charity and community development. But how [...]

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