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By     |    May 30, 2006   
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Chinese Internet Lingo

It is reported that by April 2006 China has a population of 110 million of internet users, 80% of which are below the age of 30; and by 2010, the number will rise up to 230 million. It is also reported that the population of internet users at age 15+ is about 74,727,000, ranking second after the United States, where it is about 152,046,000. And the total number in the [...]

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By     |    Mar 27, 2006   
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Translated books are flying off!

Xinhuanet quoted an article on China Daily talking about the current situation of translated books in the Chinese book market: (BEIJING, March 25) Translated books are flying off the shelves of Chinese bookstores, a sign that converted reading material is becoming a booming market in the nation. Chinese readers are opting to cosy up with titles like “Harry Potter” and “The Half-Blood Prince”, “The Da Vinci Code” and “My Life” by [...]

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