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By     |    Jul 9, 2006   
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引:新华社信息北京7月7日电香港《南华早报》5日刊登美国麦肯锡公司大中华区主管安德鲁·格兰特和麦肯锡全球研究所主任黛安娜·法雷尔共同撰写的题为《一个巨大市场的诞生》的文章,认为在未来20年内,中国将出现一个庞大的中产阶层,他们强劲的消费需求将使中国经济从出口拉动型向内需推动型转变。 中国过去20年来的经济增长在很大程度上是由投资和出口带动的,国内消费所起的作用较小。就连在城市里,有77%的家庭的年收入仍低于2.5万元。但这种情况正发生变化。……

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By     |    May 29, 2006   
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Intercultural Competence Important to Graduates

In October 2005, Mckinsey (MGI) published a report entitled Addressing China’s Looming Talent Shortage, which pointed out that “Despite China’s enormous pool of university graduates (3.1 million in 2005 alone), MGI research suggests that fewer than 10 percent of Chinese job candidates, on average, would be suitable for work in a foreign company, and the fast-growing domestic economy absorbs most of those who could.” Addressing the same issue, the post entitled Bridging [...]

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