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How U.S. Students Describe China

"Welcoming", "Diverse", "Voluminous", "Intellectually stimulating", "Spirited", "Crowded", "Honest", "Cyclical", "Inspiring", "Amazing opportunities"..., are the word for China.

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Lijiang, Yunan
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Slowing Economy Affects Intercultural Exchange

On August 26, 2008 San Diego Union Tribune reports that the slowing American economy is having effects on intercultural exchange programs. By the title Fewer Open Doors, the reports says that “several organizations in the industry – although not all – said they have found it more difficult to sign up (host-) families this year because of economic uncertainties”.

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More on Comparing Education in the USA, China and India

We talked about Two Million Minutes in a previous post, and here is more – an interview by CNBC to comparatively look at the State of Education in the USA: State of Education – A look at the state of education in America, with CNBC’s Erin Burnett.

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Two Million Minutes – Comparing Education in the U.S., China & India

Two Million Minutes is a documentary film which compares how American students measure up to those in India and China. The film is conceived by Robert A. Compton, who also was the executive director. As explained by Education World, the title means: High school often is measured by years or events, but across many nations, there is a common factor: Every student has 2 million minutes from the time he or she [...]

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