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By     |    Oct 5, 2006   
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China Issues Tips for Tourists Traveling Abroad

On October 2, 2006 China’s main tourism authority and the central government’s Spiritual Civilization Committee jointly issued guidelines for Chinese tourists. The guidelines are lists of clear and simple behavioral etiquettes for people intending to travel domestically and internationally, including those “dos and don’ts” tips such as speaking quietly, respecting queues and putting litter in bins, and no spitting. (More on this from this news report Shanghai Daily : Tourists [...]

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By     |    Apr 27, 2006   
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Official Intercultural Tips

“Speak softly, don’t argue and slow down” – this is a title by Telegraph Newspaper Online on April 16th reporting that under a programme starting next month, several leading US companies will give employees heading abroad a “World Citizens Guide featuring 16 etiquette tips on how they can help improve America’s battered international image.” It is also reported that Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA), a non-profit group funded by big American [...]

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