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Two Million Minutes – Comparing Education in the U.S., China & India

Two Million Minutes is a documentary film which compares how American students measure up to those in India and China. The film is conceived by Robert A. Compton, who also was the executive director. As explained by Education World, the title means: High school often is measured by years or events, but across many nations, there is a common factor: Every student has 2 million minutes from the time he or she [...]

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Is Cultural Identity Your National Identity at the Same Time?

A lot of research must have been done regarding the topic of cultural identity and national identity, but in reality there are practical issues surrounding the Third Cultural Kids (TCKs), as indicated in a very recent news article entitled Canadian Third Culture Kids struggle to find their identities on Yahoo Canada. The story of Khan in the article gives us a live example. “I always struggle with that question,” says Khan, [...]

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Tsinghua University
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More Seats for Foreign Students to Study in China

Reported by Xinhuanet in this article that by 2020 China will double the number of seats available for foreign students to study in universities in China: “By 2020 Chinese universities will enroll 300,000 students from abroad, up from 140,000 in 2005.” How many universities you can choose from? “A total of 568 universities in China are qualified to enroll foreign students…” And, there will be more scholarships available, as reported that [...]

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AFS Seminar on Intercultural Learning in Beijing

Beijing April 11, 2006: An intercultural seminar was held by AFS Intercultural Programs On April 11th at Jianguo Garden Hotel in Beijing, China to welcome AFS President Tachi Cazal’s visit. More than 50 people including professionals and experts in the intercultural realm, AFS returnees and volunteers and expatriates, and teachers and students interested in intercultural learning attended the seminar and participated in the discussions on the educational impact of international [...]

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