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Two Million Minutes – Comparing Education in the U.S., China & India

Two Million Minutes is a documentary film which compares how American students measure up to those in India and China. The film is conceived by Robert A. Compton, who also was the executive director. As explained by Education World, the title means: High school often is measured by years or events, but across many nations, there is a common factor: Every student has 2 million minutes from the time he or she [...]

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Perth, Australia
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Languages other than English on the rise in Australia

A recent news report by Xinhua said that according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), “the number of people who speak a language other than English at home has increased by 10 percent during a five-year period.” The figure is released in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2008 Year Book, and it says: 16 percent of Australians – or 3.1 million – speak a language other than English at home, which [...]

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AFS to Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary

AFS Intercultural Programs, one of the world's largest international student exchange organizations, will host the World Peace Forum, a one-day conference, on Saturday, October 27 at Columbia University in New York City. The forum will feature presentations and panel discussions with a number of high-profile diplomats, educators, film-makers and world leaders and is the keynote event of the organization's 60th anniversary celebration in New York City on October 26-28, 2007.

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New President and CEO to AFS Intercultural Programs/USA

Via Yahoo: After ten years of service with distinction as President and Chief Executive Officer of AFS Intercultural Programs/USA, Alex J. Plinio will retire on December 31, 2007. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that after an extensive search and interview process including candidates in academia, diplomacy, not-for-profits, business and other sectors, Margaret Crotty has been selected as the next President and CEO of AFS-USA.

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