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By     |    Jun 14, 2006   
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Making a Most Attractive Destination For Students

China is trying to do more in education export. Annouonced by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) on May 29th that China is to become the “most attractive destination” in the Asia-Pacific region for overseas students. Statistics from the CSC show the number of foreigners studying in China hit 140,000 in 2005, including 40,000 from the Republic of Korea, 14,000 from Japan, and 8,000 from the United States. The total had risen [...]

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By     |    Apr 24, 2006   
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Educational Impact of Intercultural Exchanges

Titled Seminar to boost intercultural exchange, China’s Leading English newspaper reports an intercultural seminar on educational impact of intercultural exchanges by AFS Intercultural Programs in Beijing, China.

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