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AFS Seminar on Intercultural Learning in Beijing

Beijing April 11, 2006: An intercultural seminar was held by AFS Intercultural Programs On April 11th at Jianguo Garden Hotel in Beijing, China to welcome AFS President Tachi Cazal’s visit. More than 50 people including professionals and experts in the intercultural realm, AFS returnees and volunteers and expatriates, and teachers and students interested in intercultural learning attended the seminar and participated in the discussions on the educational impact of international [...]

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American Cultural Patterns – A Useful Reference

Although it has taken a philosophical approach, and not very easy to read for non-native English readers, American Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective is still a quite useful reference for people interested in knowing more about American culture . The book was written by Edward C. Stewart, Milton J. Bennett in 1991. The picture link here will take you to Amazon for more details of the book.

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