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Sexy Mandarin
By     |    Jun 5, 2012   
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Sexy Mandarin

Found this in one of the tweets on Weibo, a twitter-like service provided by Sina, entitled Sexy Mandarin. The tweet says it is originally from Youtube. But the link actually takes to Youku, a Youtube-like service in China. The program is actually from the New Concept Mandarin. As the Chinese language is getting popular worldwide, we would expect more interesting Chinese language learning programs getting into existence. Have a look at the trailer of this 'unconventional' language program.

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By     |    Dec 21, 2007   
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More than 80% Chinese university students want to study abroad

Reported by Xinhua that a recent survey by the China Youth Daily shows that more than 80% Chinese university students want to study abroad. Here are some of the observations: More than 80 percent of university students in China want to study abroad, according to a new online survey. The survey, involving 2,400 university students, revealed that 42 percent of respondents believe an overseas education will be beneficial to their future career [...]

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Kevin Rudd
By     |    Nov 26, 2007   
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The First Ever Chinese-Speaking Foreign Learder

The newly elected Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in fact the first ever foreign state leader who is able to speak fluent Chinese Mandarin i.e. Putonghua. Above is a video clip (via YouTube) showing him in an interview by CCTV before elected. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN42pk7eozk[/youtube]

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