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Sexy Mandarin
By     |    Jun 5, 2012   
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Sexy Mandarin

Found this in one of the tweets on Weibo, a twitter-like service provided by Sina, entitled Sexy Mandarin. The tweet says it is originally from Youtube. But the link actually takes to Youku, a Youtube-like service in China. The program is actually from the New Concept Mandarin. As the Chinese language is getting popular worldwide, we would expect more interesting Chinese language learning programs getting into existence. Have a look at the trailer of this 'unconventional' language program.

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By     |    Dec 20, 2007   
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Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages

According to Xinhua on December 12th, 2007, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (OCLCI) issued the first Chinese language proficiency benchmarks for foreigners -the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages. It is a five-step comprehensive and systematic measure of the ability to communicate in Chinese Language, and is the first reference standard to assess the fluency of foreign learners of Chinese.

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The Chinese Character 'Peace'
By     |    May 24, 2006   
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900 Chinese Characters Enough to Survive

People whose native language is alphabetical often find Chinese language difficult to learn. As far as I can understand, it is because in Chinese language, the pronunciation, writing/spelling and meaning of the word are ‘separated’. In other words, not like the alphabetical languages, speaking (pronunciation) in Chinese language does little help to the writing (spelling), and in most cases the meaning of a character has little to do with its [...]

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By     |    Apr 23, 2006   
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China-US New Chinese Langauge & Cultural Initiative

China and United States announced a new Chinese Language and Cultural Initiative to “address the critical shortage of Chinese-language teachers in the United States, support schools wishing to begin new Chinese language programs, promote professional development for teachers and the production of high quality instructional materials…” The reports also said that the Minister of Education of China also “urged education institutions from all over the world to join the efforts for [...]

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