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How U.S. Students Describe China

"Welcoming", "Diverse", "Voluminous", "Intellectually stimulating", "Spirited", "Crowded", "Honest", "Cyclical", "Inspiring", "Amazing opportunities"..., are the word for China.

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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony
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T. Friedman remarks on Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Thomas L. Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, made some interesting remarks when he was watching the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. According to the program, the winner of three times of Pulitzer Prize said: look at the strength of this country, and, we shall send our children to learn Chinese.

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Wenchuan Earthquake
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Two Million Minutes – Comparing Education in the U.S., China & India

Two Million Minutes is a documentary film which compares how American students measure up to those in India and China. The film is conceived by Robert A. Compton, who also was the executive director. As explained by Education World, the title means: High school often is measured by years or events, but across many nations, there is a common factor: Every student has 2 million minutes from the time he or she [...]

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