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By     |    Jul 15, 2006   
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KFC Overdone!

The famous fast food company Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was under fire for its controversial video advertisment showing an old Taoist surrounded by his apprentices enjoying chicken burgers and claiming it as a masterpiece. China Daily has this report citing China Business Post. The article on this weekly financial post criticizing KFC for dishonoring Chinese history and culture. KFC entered China in 1987, and opened its first shop on November [...]

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By     |    May 21, 2006   
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Cultural Knowledge is a Plus to Business Success

It is generally believed that intercultural awareness does contribute to successfully doing business in another culture. But when it comes to how and where it contributes, it becomes a question not easy to answer. With particular references to doing business in China, recently there are several articles discussing about how relevant some of the cultural tips for doing business in China are to the business successes in China. Diligence China [...]

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By     |    Apr 18, 2006   
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Cultural Implications of Google’s New Chinese Name

Update: some dead image links have been removed, and currently Google has moved to Hong Kong, and the screen snip shows what Google looks like now. (updated on May 17th, 2012) On April 12th, Google announced its Chinese name – Gu-Ge (谷歌), which literally and officially means “harvest song”. But if one does not know the official definition, and just by looking at the two Chinese characters Google has picked out, [...]

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