31 May

More on Comparing Education in the USA, China and India

We talked about Two Million Minutes in a previous post, and here is more – an interview by CNBC to comparatively look at the State of Education in the USA: State of Education – A look at the state of [...]

27 May

Encouraging American students to study in Europe

As the 2008 NAFSA conference on international education opens, Ambassador John Bruton, Head of the European Commission Delegation to the United States, issued a statement encouraging American students to study in Europe through the Erasmus Mundus program. Launched in 2004, Erasmus [...]

20 May

In Remembrance of the Victims of Wenchuan Earthquake!

Pictures are from various sources, in remembrance of the victims of the devastating earthquake on May 12th, 2008 at Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China.

18 May
Wenchuan Earthquake



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Chinese New Year Festivities

Today is the third day of the Chinese New Year. Most people are still on holidays enjoying themselves with family feast, delicious food, visiting relatives and friends, going to art performances, and firing fireworks and firecrackers. Spring Festival, known to the West more as the Chinese New Year and comparable to the Christmas holidays in the West, is the most important celebration for Chinese people every year. There are various kinds of festivitie...Continue Reading...