22 Dec

It is really about people, culture and relationships.

Global success is not just about money, profit and trade. It’s really about people, culture and relationships. Source:Centre for Intercultural Communication, the University of British Columbia.

8 Nov
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Keys to Successful Intercultural Communications

Some key points believed to be essential for successful intercultural communications: Open Mindedness Sense of Humor Ability to Cope with Failure Communicativeness Flexibility and Adaptability Curiosity Positive and Realistic Expectations Tolerance for Differences and Ambiguities Positive Regard for Others

1 Nov

Culture – A Definition

Culture is the passion for sweetness and light, and (what is more) the passion for making them prevail. by Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888) British poet and critic.

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Lijiang, Yunan

Slowing Economy Affects Intercultural Exchange

On August 26, 2008 San Diego Union Tribune reports that the slowing American economy is having effects on intercultural exchange programs. By the title Fewer Open Doors, the reports says that “several organizations in the industry – although not all – said they have found it more difficult to sign up (host-) families this year because of economic uncertainties”.Continue Reading...