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London 2002
By     |    Jul 31, 2008   
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Britain issues strict new rules for foreign students

It is reported via Xinhua that Britain has issued strict new rules for foreign students. Here is the whole article for your reference: LONDON, July 30 (Xinhua) — Foreign students hoping to come to Britain to study will have to meet strict new rules, the government announced on Wednesday. The Home Office has published proposals for much tighter rules for foreign students and the universities and colleges hosting them, under the new [...]

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By     |    Mar 1, 2008   
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Two Million Minutes – Comparing Education in the U.S., China & India

Two Million Minutes is a documentary film which compares how American students measure up to those in India and China. The film is conceived by Robert A. Compton, who also was the executive director. As explained by Education World, the title means: High school often is measured by years or events, but across many nations, there is a common factor: Every student has 2 million minutes from the time he or she [...]

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By     |    Dec 21, 2007   
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More than 80% Chinese university students want to study abroad

Reported by Xinhua that a recent survey by the China Youth Daily shows that more than 80% Chinese university students want to study abroad. Here are some of the observations: More than 80 percent of university students in China want to study abroad, according to a new online survey. The survey, involving 2,400 university students, revealed that 42 percent of respondents believe an overseas education will be beneficial to their future career [...]

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By     |    Dec 20, 2007   
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Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages

According to Xinhua on December 12th, 2007, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (OCLCI) issued the first Chinese language proficiency benchmarks for foreigners -the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages. It is a five-step comprehensive and systematic measure of the ability to communicate in Chinese Language, and is the first reference standard to assess the fluency of foreign learners of Chinese.

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