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Sexy Mandarin
By     |    Jun 5, 2012   
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Sexy Mandarin

Found this in one of the tweets on Weibo, a twitter-like service provided by Sina, entitled Sexy Mandarin. The tweet says it is originally from Youtube. But the link actually takes to Youku, a Youtube-like service in China. The program is actually from the New Concept Mandarin. As the Chinese language is getting popular worldwide, we would expect more interesting Chinese language learning programs getting into existence. Have a look at the trailer of this 'unconventional' language program.

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Journal Updated on May 20th, 2012
By     |    May 20, 2012   
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Website Updated

Due to some reasons, the Journal had rarely been updated for some time. Recently, however, we thought that we might revitalize this site and re-engage in more active discussions on intercultural matters. For this purpose, we have updated the template so as to give it a fresh new look. We streamlined the content and simplified the navigation links so as to make the site more focused, and in the meantime, we [...]

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By     |    May 15, 2011   
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余秋雨此前在国家汉办的一个专题讨论会上谈论中国文化时,认为: 中华文明博大精深,绵延5000年,一直延续至21世纪的今天,作为世界四大文明中唯一没有中断的文明,其生命根基源于中华文化的三大特点即三“道”,一是人格模式上的君子之道,二是思维模式上的中庸之道,三是行为模式上的礼仪之道。同时,他还用三个“缺少”辩证地分析了中华文化自身存在的一些不足,如缺少公共意识、缺少实证意识和缺少法制意识。

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sculpture of Confucius
By     |    Jan 15, 2011   
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A Sculpture of Confucius

A 9.5-meter bronze sculpture of Confucius was erected in front of the China National Museum on the east side of the Tian’anmen Square, facing the Tian’anmen Rostrum, marking the revival of  popularity of this ancient philosopher in recent years.

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