T. Friedman remarks on Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

I heard this through a program on Phoenix TV today at about 18:50 Beijing time that Thomas L. Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, made some interesting remarks when he was watching the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. According to the program, the winner of three times of Pulitzer Prize said: look at the strength of this country, and, we shall send our children to learn Chinese. I am not sure if the remarks were true, (I went to the website of the TV to try to find the online version of the program but did not find it), but the remarks remind me of his famous book. Just as what the article on Japan Times Online put down:

There’s probably a lot of truth to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas L. Friedman’s groundbreaking book “The World Is Flat,” an in-depth look at how technology and globalism have revolutionized education, employment, communication and the livelihood of billions. Not surprisingly, China is featured prominently in this thought-provoking book.

China, more than any other nation, will feel the effects (good and bad) of these changes for decades to come.

The Olympics is the biggest example of Friedman’s treatise to date, the true launching point of China’s arrival as a global force. And it has provided endless hours of contemplation for sociologists, political pundits and average citizens in all corners of the Earth.

In regard to the Games, it is true when some people say it is a defining moment in China’s modern history. In terms of intercultural learning, 2008 Beijing Olympics is in fact a valuable chance for China, particularly for Beijing and other co-host cities, to interact with other cultures in a massive and joyful way, and it is also a great chance for the country as a whole to display its own cultural uniqueness to the world.

So, what do you think?

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