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How U.S. Students Describe China

"Welcoming", "Diverse", "Voluminous", "Intellectually stimulating", "Spirited", "Crowded", "Honest", "Cyclical", "Inspiring", "Amazing opportunities"..., are the word for China.

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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony
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T. Friedman remarks on Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Thomas L. Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, made some interesting remarks when he was watching the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. According to the program, the winner of three times of Pulitzer Prize said: look at the strength of this country, and, we shall send our children to learn Chinese.

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Lijiang, Yunan
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Slowing Economy Affects Intercultural Exchange

On August 26, 2008 San Diego Union Tribune reports that the slowing American economy is having effects on intercultural exchange programs. By the title Fewer Open Doors, the reports says that “several organizations in the industry – although not all – said they have found it more difficult to sign up (host-) families this year because of economic uncertainties”.

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