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More Chinese students choose EU over U.S.

According to China Daily on Oct. 24, “the European Union leads the United States as a destination for Chinese students“. The number of Chinese students studying in EU universities given by Jan Figel, the European Commissioner for Education, Training and Youth, was a record high of 120,000 in 2006. And, “the European Union is planning a “blue card” to lure highly skilled migrants by offering financial and housing benefits, and [...]

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Chinese Beauty
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Chinese Perspetives on Attraction and beauty

This article was seen on China Culture website. Under the column Chinese Way and entitled Secret of Attraction, it is talking about the Chinese perspectives on attraction and beauty. It covers from facial features to inner temperament. The picture of the ancient Chinese beauty is from the same article on China Culture. Secret of Attraction Feminine beauty has been celebrated over the centuries in China and the perception is ever-evolving, but an [...]

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AFS to Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary

AFS Intercultural Programs, one of the world's largest international student exchange organizations, will host the World Peace Forum, a one-day conference, on Saturday, October 27 at Columbia University in New York City. The forum will feature presentations and panel discussions with a number of high-profile diplomats, educators, film-makers and world leaders and is the keynote event of the organization's 60th anniversary celebration in New York City on October 26-28, 2007.

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