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Where are Chinese students going for study abroad?

A recent survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that the United States is still at the top position when Chinese students choose their destinations for study abroad. France ranks the second in the report, overtaking the U.K. who has been in the second position for many years.

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Nixion's Visit to China
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Health Cultural identity appears to influence mental health prospectively

Finding from this article entitled Cultural Identity Of Adolescents Influences Mental that “Health Cultural identity, as indicated by clothing preferences, appears to influence mental health prospectively, according to a new study on the risk of common mental disorders among Bangladeshi and White British school pupils.”

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Chinese pilots have to take TEA

Required by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) of Chian, besides flying aircraft, more than 7,000 Chinese pilots are grappling with a tough new problem — The Test of English for Aviation (TEA).

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