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Cell phone game to tackle culture shock

One might come across a bit of culture shock when one goes to a different culture, particularly from the West to the East or vice versa. But technological novelty might give you some help, as reported in the news from University of Portsmouth: A mobile phone game developed by academics at the University of Portsmouth will be used to help international students cope with ‘culture shock’ and university life in Britain [...]

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Student foreign exchange program forges lasting friendships

The student foreign exchange program does more than just foster intercultural education – it also forges lasting friendships.

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Intercultural Endeavor of American Volunteer Awarded “top ten volunteer of 2006″ in China

Reported  by Xinhua on March 30 –An American living in Beijing was awarded the title of “top ten volunteer of 2006″ on Wednesday, becoming the first foreigner to claim the honor. David Tool, better known by his Chinese name Du Dawei, has been voluntarily correcting misleading English signs throughout the Chinese capital during his six-year life in the city. Upon accepting the award, Du Dawei said he wanted to act as a [...]

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