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Tsinghua University
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More Seats for Foreign Students to Study in China

Reported by Xinhuanet in this article that by 2020 China will double the number of seats available for foreign students to study in universities in China: “By 2020 Chinese universities will enroll 300,000 students from abroad, up from 140,000 in 2005.” How many universities you can choose from? “A total of 568 universities in China are qualified to enroll foreign students…” And, there will be more scholarships available, as reported that [...]

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Culturally China is Different

Browsing quickly the bookmarks and blogrolls on my blog and trying to catch up with recent topics, I found the discussion on China Law Blog on the topic of “why China stagnated – why China had failed to keep up with Europe through the Industrial Revolution” very inspiring and some of the points are particularly impressive.The author did two posts on this topic: the first is entitled Why China Stagnated [...]

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