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A Perspective on Foreign Languages Learning in the U.S.

This article entitled foreign languages and intercultural communication talks about foreign languages learning in the U.S.

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China Population Prediction

Report says that China’s population will peak at 1.5 billion in the mid-2030s and the it will begin to gradually drop after reaching the peak.

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Making a Most Attractive Destination For Students

China is trying to do more in education export. Annouonced by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) on May 29th that China is to become the “most attractive destination” in the Asia-Pacific region for overseas students. Statistics from the CSC show the number of foreigners studying in China hit 140,000 in 2005, including 40,000 from the Republic of Korea, 14,000 from Japan, and 8,000 from the United States. The total had risen [...]

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中国人开始走向世界。这不仅显示了一种经济能力,它还表明了一种意识 -全球意识,或国际意识。中国的普通公民开始走出去,在了解世界的同时也了解自我,在国际范围的比较中发现自己、发展自己。具有了一定的经济能力的同时, 中国这个民族开始从盲目地仰视外界变得更加理智,开始以更为开放平和的心态平视四周,开始发掘自身的比较优势和弱势。与此同时,世界开始希望更多地了解中国。汉语正在成为国际语言。中国需要让世界了解。因为曾经落后而挨打,因为曾经固步自封,中国在向外界展示自己的时候,需要一种既符合自己的文化传统与心态,又能为其他文化所接受的方式,而这种方式需要这个民族具有自我超越和文化跨越的能力。

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